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22 years ago, despite seeing it as a sign of weakness, I got to the point where I needed to ask for help, so I know the courage and strength it takes to be vulnerable and take a look at who you really are.

My journey won’t give you the answers, but it will allow me to support you through yours. Whether you’d like to work through a big life trauma(s) or daily events and behaviours that are troubling you, I am committed to hearing you without judgement and fostering a space where you feel able to share  and work through whatever you choose. Your time. Your choice.

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“I’d like to thank you again for all the help and support you gave me just by simply listening and making suggestions”

Did Counselling Help You? “Yes.”

What Was Helpful? “Everything. Having someone ask the right questions.

How was your relationship with your counsellor? “Awesome”

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